Beyond compliance

Directors face crucial decisions on independence, tax risk management, and governance. Their oversight role is increasingly important and increasingly technical, fraught with unprecedented risk and complexity.

Deloitte's Directors' Series events are held as live satellite broadcasts in locations across the country. They provide Canadian corporate directors with an opportunity to keep up with their learning requirements in a time of frequent change and new demands.

Don Wilkinson, Vice Chair, Deloitte, acts as the moderator and begins each session with a brief overview of the current corporate governance environment. He is then joined by a panel of seasoned corporate directors, company executives and professional advisors who provide their knowledge, experience, and opinions on the topics at hand. Directors walk away with ready-to-use information and tools to help them discharge their responsibilities.

As per our session evaluations, 100% of our past attendees would recommend the broadcasts to other Directors. Participants continuously give the highest marks to our speakers, the topics discussed and the handout material distributed at the sessions.

For directors who hold the ICD.D certification from the Institute of Corporate Directors, the Directors College C.Dir. designation from McMaster University or the Acc.Dir. accreditation from ICSA Canada, participation in the Deloitte Directors’ Series session counts for a two-hour credit towards the continuing education requirement. The session also counts as a two-hour credit for the ASC designation for Le Collège des administrateurs de sociétés.