CEO transition: tackling the thorny issues
October 10, 2013

The heavy lifting that comes with a change in CEO does not end with landing on the preferred candidate. Directors should be well versed in the processes they must manage to complete the new hire, the risks the company faces during the transition period and the means to manage them.


This session of the Directors' Series examines the following questions as well as common themes and differences from the perspective of CEOs and directors crossing a broad spectrum of situations.

  • What are the challenges of onboarding a new CEO?
  • What is the board’s role in ensuring a smooth transition and the success of the chosen candidate?
  • How does the board manage flight risk of key executives during the transition?
  • What is the role of the departing CEO during the transition?
  • What should the timeframe be when setting goals, objectives and accountabilities?
  • What should the board do if they realize they have picked the wrong candidate?

This session is designed for Boards of Directors and C-level executives.

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  • David Denison – Board Chair, Bentall Kennedy
  • Tom O’Neill – Chair of the Board, BCE Inc.
  • Carol Hansell – Senior Partner, Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP
  • Doug Emerson – Executive Advisor, Deloitte
  • Don Wilkinson – Vice Chair, Deloitte