The talent side of risk intelligence
October 13, 2011

Risk and talent are two of the top issues facing boards in today’s volatile, fast-paced, skills-strapped economy. Talent and risk, are not often recognized as separate issues, but are intimately connected in ways that profoundly influence an organization’s ability to create and protect enterprise value. This session will examine the many complex ways in which talent and risk interact, and will consider the impact on the organization’s ability to pursue and achieve its strategic goals.

Please note that the presentations will be delivered in English. Discussions will be in both English and French. This session is complimentary.


Brent Belzberg – Chair, Management Resources and Compensation Committee, CIBC

Paul Cantor - Chairman, Revera Inc. and Senior Advisor, Bennett Jones LLP

Sylvia Chrominska – Group Head, Global Human Resources and Communications, Scotiabank

Heather Stockton – Canadian Financial Services and Human Capital Leader, Deloitte

Don Wilkinson – Vice Chair, Deloitte


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