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IFRS Conversion
In this section, visitors will find a collection of useful tools to assist companies to convert to IFRS over the next years.

Annual Financial Reporting Document Review
This all-in-one disclosure helps management and Directors determine whether or not their organizations’ public financial filings meet all of the continuous disclosure obligations.

Standard-setting Activities Digest
Monthly Online Updates – organized by fiscal year-end date – is an efficient way to track current and future standards and exposure drafts.

US Resources

Technical Update: Deloitte Accounting Research Tool
A comprehensive online library of accounting and financial disclosure literature.

Disclosure and Internal Controls
A self-assessment tool to help determine effectiveness of disclosure control policies and procedures as well as readiness to respond to the requirement for disclosure control certification.

Integrated approach to assessing compensation-related risks
This approach is intended to help identify and respond to the exposures related to the compensation program.

Internal control and certification
In this section, readers will explore the latest developments about the Canadian requirements relating to the attestation of the internal control over financial reporting.

Audit Committee Performance Evaluation
This tool assists audit committees to perform an annual performance evaluation.

Create Your Own Agenda
This tool can be used by audit committees to assist in planning the annual activities and meeting agendas for the committee.

Sample Audit Committee Charter
This sample charter includes items to consider when reviewing your audit committee charter to ensure it meets legislation requirements.

Centre for Corporate Governance
This Web site helps audit committee members and directors understand today's complex issues in corporate governance.

Deloitte Update
Learning Webcasts offered throughout the year featuring our professionals discussing critical issues that affect your clients' business.

The Directors' Series
Broadcasts offered throughout the year.

US Resources

DBriefs Webcasts feature our professionals discussing critical issues that affect your business

A State of Change
Newsletter to help provide insights into the key trends, developments, issues and challenges facing the not-for-profit sector in Canada, with a Deloitte point of view.

Corporate Governance Insights
Monthly communication featuring Deloitte’s latest point of view on timely industry and business topics of interest to board directors.

Financial Reporting Insights
Bi-weekly communication covering all financial reporting frameworks used in Canada, informing you about the potential impacts for your organization and inviting you to our events and webcasts.

On the Agenda
Bi-monthly e-newsletter about recent developments affecting board members' responsibilities.

US Resources

Accounting RoundUp
Monthly newsletter focusing on the activities of the US and International accounting standard-setters and regulators.

Audit Committee Brief
Quarterly e-newsletter focusing on key US regulatory, technical and professional developments in corporate governance.

International Resources

IFRS in Focus
Newsletter which reviews the activities of the IASB, the IFRIC, and the IASC Foundation Trustees, including summaries of recent Standards and Interpretations and proposals.

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