From compliance to effectiveness, Deloitte accompanies clients on their journey to meet new corporate governance requirements with a range of assessment tools. Which tool is right for you? We've streamlined our tools into three major categories to help you whether you're learning, implementing or evaluating your corporate governance activities. It all depends on where you are in the process.

Awareness Compliance Effectiveness

Use these tools if you are in the early stages and need to gather information and understand the impact of the new requirements on your organization.

Board readiness assessment
This tool helps boards more clearly understand the impact the Canadian Securities Administrators Corporate Governance Guidelines will have on their organizations, and identify where structural, procedural and disclosure changes might be required.

If you are just about to embark on implementation activities or knee-deep into them now, check your progress against these assessment tools. They'll keep you on track.

Disclosure controls and internal controls of CEO/CFO Certification
This assessment tool helps CEOs and CFOs determine the effectiveness of their organization's disclosure control policies and procedures as well as their readiness to respond to the requirement for disclosure control certification.

Do you require a more retrospective evaluation of your compliance effectiveness? These benchmarking tools will help you compare your efforts with industry best practices.

Board Skills Matrix
An Excel application
This tool is designed to help boards assess the level of experience each director has in various skill areas, as well as the overall composition of the board as it relates to diversity.

Audit Committee Performance Evaluation Form - Canada
This questionnaire is based on emerging and leading practices to assist in the self-assessment of an audit committee's performance.

Enterprise Risk Assessment

Financial Literacy Self-Assessments:

Corporate Governance Insights
This monthly communication features Deloitte’s latest point of view on timely industry and business topics of interest to board directors.