Deloitte developed these "Points of View"; on current hot topics to share with the marketplace expertise on questions that affect board and audit committee members.

  Directors’ Alert
Through the eyes of the board: Key governance issues for 2015
This publication will assist directors in identifying the issues of importance to their organizations, and to help promote boardroom discussions around the strategies and options management has put forward to address current and future challenges, mitigate the risks, and seize the opportunities that lie ahead.
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  Is more less? Exploring a new world of corporate reporting
Part 2: Beyond the status quo

Can companies better inform investors within the current models?
In this installment, we look at changes that could be made within the existing framework to make corporate reports more understandable and more useful – in other words, better.
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Is more less? Exploring a new world of corporate reporting
Part 1: Plotting the course

In this first part, we focus on establishing context for the discussion and posing many of the questions we’re looking to answer. We can all agree that more information is being made available. But does that additional information better serve stakeholders in their understanding of a company’s financial performance and prospects?
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The changing world of corporate governance
A best practices guide for boards to address M&A, corporate crisis and financial distress
This paper is designed to help today's highly challenged boards. Looking at three critical areas that do not often receive the board attention they require – M&A, corporate crisis management and financial distress – it examines the key risks boards should consider in each area, offers steps boards can take to address these issues, and reviews the benefits of improved board oversight and the dangers of prolonged inattention.
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Directors' Insights
Quarterly e-newsletter featuring Deloitte’s latest point of view on timely industry and business topics of interest to directors.
TMT Predictions 2014
Canadian focus
Billions will soon be sporting wearable technologies. Will this mean a more efficient personal and work life? How will the decline of the voice call affect communication and productivity within the business organization? Learn about these trends and other key developments in the Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) Predictions 2014.
The future of productivity
A wake-up call for Canadian companies
Many companies are completely unaware that they are investing significantly less than their counterparts. As a result, they have failed to take advantage of the many productivity improvement policies and incentives put in place by governments in recent decades to grow their businesses. The report suggests that changing the behaviour of these companies through better competitive intelligence offers the best opportunity to start reversing the decline in relative productivity performance that has seen Canada fall to 13th among 16 peer countries.