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2014/08/21 CFO.com Let the Innovation Games Begin
2014/08/21 CPA Canada Break on through to the digital world: Do auditors need to take a quantum leap forward?
2014/08/21 CFO.com Replacing the Board
2014/08/21 NACD Risk Communication: Aligning the Board  and C-Suite  (Free Registration Required)
2014/08/20 Accounting Today FASB Issues Proposal to Simplify Accounting for the Cloud

Download the exposure draft

2014/08/20 Stikeman Elliott New UK measures to counter avoidance schemes involving transfer of corporate profits
2014/08/19 FEI Daily Why You Should Care About PCAOB’S Far Reaching Fair Value Plan

Download Staff’s Concept Paper on Accounting Estimates & Fair Value (PCAOB, 47-page PDF file)

2014/08/19 The New York Times Grappling With the Cost of Corporate Gadflies
2014/08/18 Private Company Director Committees for Private Company Boards
2014/08/13 Reuters Treasury to take time to weigh options on tax inversions: official
2014/08/13 ProPublica Mary Jo White was Supposed to Turn Around the S.E.C. She Hasn’t.
2014/08/11 The Hill SEC failed to guard sensitive information
2014/08 McKinsey & Company Bringing discipline to your sustainability initiatives
2014/08 Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, Institute of Management Accountants A Risk Challenge Culture to Promote Good Risk Management Practices in the C-Suite and Across the Organization (28-page PDF file)
2014/07/28 Deloitte University Press Different temptations, same rules

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