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Date Publication Article
2014/04/12 The New York Times Executive Pay: Invasion of the Supersalaries
2014/04/12 The New York Times Pay for Performance? It Depends on the Measuring Stick
2014/04/11 Journal of Accountancy How preparers can cut down on disclosures in financial reports
2014/04/11 FEI Don’t Be an Audit Model Cynic
2014/04/10 IASB Building Trust in Financial Markets, Remarks by Hans Hoogervorst, Chair (7-page PDF file)
2014/04/10 CPA Canada Blog Traffic jam imminent: Speed to market becoming an issue for IAASB
2014/04/10 Deloitte U.S. CFO Insights: Can internal audit be a command center for risk?
2014/04/10 International Forum of Independent Audit Regulators International Audit Regulators Report Persistent Deficiencies In Critical Areas of Audits of Public Companies:  IFIAR Calls on Auditors to Improve Audit Quality in Key Areas (3-page PDF file)

Download the report: IFIAR 2013 Global Survey of Audit Inspection Findings (18-page PDF file)

Read also:

2014/04/10 Journal of Accountancy FASB changes discontinued operations reporting guidance

Download the Amended standard: Reporting Discontinued Operations and Disclosures of Disposals of Components of an Entity (FASB, 71-page PDF file)

2014/04/09 Accounting Today AICPA Issues Accounting and Valuation Guide for IPR&D
2014/04/09 Accounting Today Accountants Can Help Root out Cybercrime
2014/04/09 Inside Counsel How closely is the board paying attention to cyber risks
2014/04/09 Journal of Accountancy Companies lagging in conflict minerals process
2014/04/09 Reuters EU proposes bigger shareholder say over executive pay
2014/04/09 CFO.com The Search for Suspect Accounting
2014/04/08 CFO.com Reputation: The Hardest Risk to Manage
2014/04/08 Deloitte U.S. Highlights of the SEC’s Cybersecurity Roundtable
2014/04/07 The Globe and Mail Multinationals brace for tax overhaul

On the same topic:

2014/04/07 Financial Post Nouriel Roubini identifies the new threats facing investors
2014/04/06 Brookings World Economic Recovery Strengthens, But Risks Remain
2014/04 International Monetary Fund Global Financial Stability Report: Moving from Liquidity- to Growth-Driven Markets (184-page PDF file)
2014/04 Baker & McKenzie Audit Committee and Auditor Oversight Update, written by former SEC General Counsel and Founding PCAOB Member Daniel Goelzer  (7-page PDF file)
2014/03/31 Financial Director A Member of European Parliament calls for independent review into IASB
2014/03 McKinsey & Company Preparing for bigger, bolder shareholder activists

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