The Japan Center for Corporate Governance aims to promote dialogue in the critical area of corporate governance among industry bodies, companies and their boards of directors, investors, professional services firms, academia, and government. The site is tailored for the governance concerns of Japan and includes a diverse collection of governance tools, resources and thought leadership from Deloitte and third party sources.

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2011 Survey on Corporate Governance of Listed Corporations (Japanese) - August 23, 2011 (JACD)

The aim of this survey is to make fixed-point observations of both the efforts towards and processes related to the establishment of Corporate Governance systems at listed corporations in Japan.

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White Paper on Corporate Governance 2011TSE (English)

As part of the effort on improving and enhancing corporate governance by Tokyo Stock Exchange (the “Exchange” or “TSE”), a series of White Paper on Corporate Governance has been issued every other year since 2007.  This White Paper in 2011, a third issue of this sequence, provides comprehensive analysis on the current corporate governance status of TSE-listed companies.

Letter on Capital Raising in Japan (English) - June 25, 2011

ACGA wrote to the Financial Services Agency (FSA) of Japan on the issue of capital raising, addressing ongoing weaknesses in the country's system of public offerings, rights issues and private placements, and made a series of recommendations for improving efficiency and investor protection.

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Corporate Governance Monthly (English) - August 2011

A monthly newsletter with the latest information for boards of directors and their committees from the Center for Corporate Governance website.