The Board's role in growth and strategy
April 12, 2012

While the board’s oversight responsibility for strategy is readily acknowledged, the specific nature of its role in the formulation and execution of growth strategies is less well defined. During this session, our panel focused on the board’s role in contributing to the sustainable growth of their organization.

Questions considered include:

  • What is the director’s role in understanding, moulding and overseeing corporate strategy and its execution?
  • Does the board’s role differ in smaller/fast growing organizations versus those that are larger and more mature?
  • What is the intersection between a board’s responsibilities for risk on the one hand, and growth, on the other?
  • What are the best practices for successful board involvement in strategy?
  • What are the key actions that a board can take to promote productivity and innovation?

This Directors’ Series session examines these and other emerging issues.


  • Don Wilkinson – Vice Chair, Deloitte
  • Peter Charbonneau – Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee, CBC/Radio-Canada, Lead Director, Mitel Networks Corporation
  • Larry Scott – Global Chief Strategy Officer, Deloitte
  • Nick Le Pan – Chair of the Risk Management Committee, CIBC
  • Alan Hibben – Corporate Director, Discovery Air Inc., and HudBay Minerals, Inc.



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