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This site provides a one-stop shop for The Deloitte Academy's governance publications for board members, other relevant Deloitte materials and direct links to latest developments.

The Deloitte Academy: Promoting excellence in the boardroom - Designed for listed company board directors, the Deloitte Academy offers members access to a comprehensive programme of technical briefing, education and training to provide support in a time of increasing regulation and responsibilities for business leaders.  In addition to the wide-ranging programme of events and customised curriculum that we offer to members, the Deloitte Academy also provides complimentary use of the services at our purpose-built facility.

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Governance in brief

Your summary of, and our views on, the latest corporate governance developments.

Governance in focus

A deeper dive, guidance and our views on key aspects of the latest developments in governance.


A series of checklists to assist companies to comply with current governance, legislative and regulatory requirements.

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Deloitte unveils free UK accounting news and comment service 

Deloitte has launched, a UK-specific version of its acclaimed news and comment service, For everyone from CEOs and CFOs to auditors and students it provides a free source of news, information and insight as well as a vast archive of background to provide context. You can take a tour of the site and its main features by watching our video.

A new beginning - Annual report insights 2013

The Deloitte 2013 survey of annual reports.  Annual report insights provides an analysis of narrative and financial reporting; including better practice examples, a regulatory overview and suggestions on how to improve annual reports.

Narrative reporting

A practical guide to assist in the understanding and application of new requirements to prepare a 'strategic report' in place of the business review.

Hitting the right note

Carbon reporting

Source guidance from the Financial Reporting Council

 Links to relevant source materials from the Financial Reporting Council.

Women in the boardroom

A global perspective on the efforts around the world to introduce quotas for women on listed company boards of directors.

Download document - March 2013

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The latest developments in corporate governance

The corporate governance arena is the subject of intense scrutiny at present.  The links below set out the latest developments:

Information for boards and audit committees

Improving financial reporting


Going concern

Executive remuneration

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