Today’s business environment is influenced by a fluctuating economy, greater scrutiny, and increased regulatory requirements, all of which are creating challenges and increased responsibilities for boards of directors. Because their role in governance has been heightened and the demands for accountability and transparency are at an all-time high, directors need current information and perspectives from independent sources to help make the tough decisions.

Select Challenges for Boards of Directors in the Current Environment

  • Overseeing enterprise risk management
  • Focusing on executive compensation programs and related regulations
  • Ensuring corporate strategy will achieve long-term value creation
  • Addressing heightened levels of shareholder activism
  • Responding to environmental and business sustainability concerns

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Framing the Future of Corporate Governance

Deloitte Governance Framework

The Deloitte Governance Framework offers an end-to-end view of corporate governance and forms the basis for the tools that help boards and executives quickly identify potential opportunities to improve both effectiveness and efficiency. It is designed to help boards of directors address even the most fundamental of questions, including:

·         What is the role of the board in the company’s corporate governance program?

·         Exactly what should we be doing in the critical areas of oversight such as strategy and risk?

To learn more, download the complete document or download an executive overview.

Board of Directors: Objective advice for Management and the Board

With increased regulation and scrutiny of board of directors, the board needs to have confidence that it makes informed decisions and fulfills its fiduciary duties to stakeholders.  Whether your organization faces a transaction, regulatory issue, or other business event, Deloitte takes the time to understand your critical issues and can serve as an objective advisor to help the board analyze and evaluate its strategic alternatives.

Focused on all aspects of governance, including the role of the board, legal and regulatory requirements, strategic alignment, executive compensation, and risk oversight, Deloitte offers a number of corporate governance services and resources to boards of directors of all sizes in a vareity of industries.

Board Effectiveness Lab

Deloitte has created a unique experience to assist boards of directors in exploring and assessing effectiveness. Set in the Deloitte Client Experience lab environment, participants are led through a series of exercises that help them define their highest priority items for board attention in the near and long term, with the goal of establishing an actionable and sustainable plan for enhanced board performance and efficiency. To learn more, download the complete document

Shareholder-Director Exchange Protocol

The Shareholder-Director Exchange Protocol (SDX Protocol) offers 10 points of guidance to public company boards and shareholders on when shareholder-director engagement is appropriate and how to make these engagements valuable and effective. Read more here.

2013-2014 Public Company Survey

The 2013 - 2014 NACD Public Company Governance Survey provides data on a range of board practices from  1,019 public company directors. It offers data points and perspectives on some of the most pressing issues directors faced in 2013. It can be purchased from the National Association of Corporate Directors.

Governance Member Organizations

The following are some well-known governance organizations that one can join for a fee.